Help children from families with pneumoconiosis go to school

Pneumoconiosis has become the most serious disease in China. Some experts point out that the total number of pneumoconiosis farmers in China has reached 6 million. Pneumoconiosis is an occupational injury and is a complete corporate responsibility. Unfortunately, few companies bear responsibility for pneumoconiosis farmers, and they have become poor and weak. They lose their labor, suffer from poverty, suffer from lack of medical treatment, and suffer misery. They have neither social security nor comprehensive assistance. Pneumoconiosis orphans and widow villages continue to emerge and become huge social problems.

Due to being at the bottom of society, the pneumoconiosis farmer group was once forgotten by the society. Behind the rapid development of China's economy, they have paid health and even life. They are the vulnerable group among the disadvantaged groups. In the face of this suffering group, we must unite all sectors of society and jointly launch more resources to pay attention to and help pneumoconiosis farmers.

Pneumoconiosis farmers are dominated by young and middle-aged men and are the main economic pillar of the family. After suffering from pneumoconiosis, there is no guarantee of life health and safety, and the loss of labor capacity. Therefore, there is no stable or economic income that can guarantee basic living, which causes the children in the family to drop out of school. In order to help such families and enable their children to have equal access to education, Da Ai Qingchen has launched a student assistance program to help children with pneumoconiosis families since July 2011. The student assistance programs are given according to the different learning stages of patients' children. Different subsidy standards: RMB 1,000 per school year for elementary school students; RMB 2,000 per school year for junior high school students; RMB 3,000 per school year for high school students.